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Panowalker Free Download is a software for creating realistic walkthrough virtual tours. It accepts both cylindrical and spherical panoramic images. The cylindrical and spherical panoramas can be obtained from fisheye attachment, 360 degree panoramic attachment and from one-shot camera.Panowalker supports different kinds of panoramas, for example:One-shot image of fisheye lensOne-shot image of 360 degree panoramic attachmentOne-shot image of one-shot cameraFisheye images taken and stitched with panoramic images stitching software like Easypano Panoweaver.Fisheye image stitching software are 2D panoramic images stitching softwares, which can stitch 2D panoramic images together. You can choose "stitch photos" to do the stitching automatically. You can also choose "stitch photos manually" to do the stitching manually.The result can be viewed in two ways:a) Show the panoramic images as a series of photos. View the panorama as a 2D image by clicking the image thumbnail.b) Show the panorama as 3D "fisheye" image. View the panorama as a 3D "fisheye" image by clicking the "3D view" icon on the upper right of the panorama.The interface and operation are simple. You can import the images, edit the images, generate the panoramas and add the interactive hotspots to make the virtual tours. You can also create interactive hotspots with your own panoramas.You can import the digital cameras and lens details into the import files for which the cameras and lenses are supported. The map of the virtual tour can be imported for editing.The panoramic images and map can be exported as.jpg,.png,.eps,.svg,.pdf,.jpg, etcPanowalker has two modes. They can be used as a walkthrough virtual tour for real estate, hotels, restaurants, tourism, and any other fields.1. Walk Through ModeWhen you turn on the Walk Through mode, you can click the hotspots on the map for the position, and the virtual camera will pan to the position and show you the panorama.When you press the left mouse button, you can move freely along the path.You can stop at any position and turn 08929e5ed8

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